Friday, September 19, 2014

(1) Nifty Treading Levels & Dow Future Chart For 19/09/2014 ::

Nifty ::
- Today we post Dow Future (Us market) weekly chart. Hope you understand RISK & risk-reward ratio near top ..(Big bearish Wolfe Wave at top in daily chart..). It may be hang at higher level for some more week, but no major upside left as per technical terms before healthy correction..
- Today Nifty made Thrusting line bullish pattern conformation breakout candle..(as per yesterday post)
- MSi touch multiple top resistance..
- Short term indicator enter in overbought zone..
- Overall short term momentum bullish but risky at high..
- Avoid buy at high or give long commitment at higher level. Stay a side above 8129..
- In intraday treading on 19th Sep. Wait & Watch important support 8100 & Resistance 8129...Above 8129 momentum up, below 8100 momentum again turn down for sell with stop-loss 8112 or maximum stop-loss 8129..
- Resistance for up move at 8129/8152/8170/8180..

- Supports at 8100/8079/8058/8039..

Thursday, September 18, 2014

(1) Nifty Mid Day Update for 18/09/2014 ::

Nifty ::
We told to buy in our today's post
but this one is unbelievable sop-loss hitting 
Be careful at current spot level 8105/8110
avoid buy at high
book profit and stay a side  

(1) Nifty Trading Strategy & Levels For 18/09/2014 ::

Nifty ::
- An Insider Day, Thrusting line bullish candle pattern..
- MSi turn up from multiple bottom support..
- Short term indicator oversold..
- Overall short term momentum still bearish but oversold..
- Avoid sell at lower level. Stuck with levels and do intraday small trade..
- In intraday treading on 18th Sep. Wait & Watch important resistance 7990/7995 & Supports 7936/7915.. Above 7990/7995 momentum seems up for buy stop-loss 7979.. Or in correction buy in dip with small & strictly stop-loss 7915.. Below 7970 aggressive trader sell with stop-loss 7979..  
- Resistance for up move at 7990/7995/8012/8021/8031..

- Supports at 7958/7948/7936/7925/7915..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

(1) Nifty Intraday Treading Strategy & Levels For 17/09/2014 ::

Nifty ::
- Body Gap Down bearish breakdown candle..(conformation of mid term down trend, which we conform at almost top, but in oversold avoid sell)
- MSi touch multiple bottom support..
- Short term indicator enter in oversold zone..
- Overall short term momentum bearish but oversold..
- Again we repeat avoid sell in extended low..
- In intraday treading on 17th Sep. Wait & Watch important support 7915, IF hold this support for few min. then only buy with small stop-loss 7915.. OR safe buy above 7942 with strictly stop-loss 7925..
- Resistance for up move at 79969/7992/7998/8012..

- Supports at 7915/7895/7867/7862.. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

(1) Nifty Trading Strategy with Levels For 16/09/2014 ::

Nifty ::
- Body Gap Down bearish candle.
- Nifty close at low and MSi turn up from middle support..
- Short term indicator enter in oversold zone,,
- Overall short term momentum bearish but in manipulated market again we repeat stuck with levels only..
- In intraday treading on 16th Sep. Wait & Watch important level 8040, Above 8040 momentum up, below 8040 momentum seems down.. Above 8052 buy with stop-loss 8040.. Below 8040 sell with stop-loss 8052..(watch next trend decider support 8020/8017/8000)
- Resistance for up move at 8056/8067/8071/8080..

- Supports at 8027/8020/8000…

Monday, September 15, 2014

(1) Nifty Treading Strategy & Levels For 15/09/2014 ::

Nifty ::
- An Insider day bullish candle..
- MSi again turn down..
- Short term indicator down trend..
- Overall short term momentum still bearish as far as Nifty stay below 8127..
- In intraday treading on 15th Wait & Watch important support 8100/8085 & Resistance 8127.. Up to 8127 use sell at high strategy with strictly stop-loss 8128.. OR below 8100 sell with stop-loss 8108 and below 8185 revise stop at 8100..
- Resistance for up move at 8118/8127/8135/8145..
- Supports at 8085/8076/8065/8057...

Friday, September 12, 2014

(1) Nifty & MSi Chart & Levels For 12/09/2014 ::

- Bearish Candle with slightly high volume..
- MSi turn up from middle..
- Short term indicator down trend..
- Overall momentum confusing..
- Stuck with levels and do intraday small trade only..
- In intraday treading on 12th Sep. Wait & Watch important resistance level 8107 & Supports level 8080.. Above 8107 buy with stop-loss 8090.. Below 8080 sell with stop-loss 8086.. In between 8080-8107 stay a side..
- Resistance for up move at 8107/8114/8120/8127..

- Supports at 8061/8/050/8036/8020..


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